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Help agencies to define their new business objectives and then create professional software.

HitroTech is always a game-changer. They Perform more than my expectations and give me always high-quality and next-level work they are flexible, courteous, and always work hard. They handle ALL of our marketing tasks throughout the week which allows our team to focus on income-producing tasks. They are highly recommended!

Dynamics Properties Preservation LLC

Genarel customer

HitroTech is the best company to work with. When it comes to scaling your business, whether with software, marketing, CRM system, processes, or administrative work, you can never be in no better hands!  My biggest surprise with working with HitroTech is how amazing communication is working with them. They provide me reports with daily KPIs and updates on my business so I can keep my finger on the pulse of my business.

Rosa Home Buyer LLC

Genarel customer

HitroTech having a team of integrators has been crucial to our success. Their developers can custom-build any idea I’ve had in our systems including Batch Leads, Launch Control, Roor, REIReply, Podio, CallRail, XenCall, Twilio, Email, SMS/RVMs, and many more. Their virtual team is incredible to work with. I have been using their virtual operations, marketing, and lead generation services for over a year now and absolutely love their work. They take all the techie tasks off my plate and operated & track everything for me so I can focus on managing & building the company. HitroTech is amazing!!!

LCS Solutions LLC

Genarel customer

HitroTech is a company that is highly capable and their work is high quality. After getting their services, my lead flow has stabilized and been much more consistent. As well, I'm able to run a much more organized operation with their expertise. They've automated my SMS business operations with the best and most advanced tools. All the staff at HitroTech are hardworking, professional, and expertly trained. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

RAP Real Estate LLC

Genarel customer

HitroTech is a game changer, I was going to invest and need my systems and process in line to help my REI business streamline. They set up my Podio before the time given. They Integrate my Cold Calling and Text Blasting tools so when my VAs have leads they push them into CRM and leads will be there along with all information. They provide process automation so every flow connects to other triggers. I also request them to add more flows and they provide them very quickly and gladly. I will definitely use it again and again. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

John McAllister

Genarel customer

I was having a hard time getting leads and my business was not in the right direction, My data totally looked random. I was spending enough budget on marketing but not having enough good ROI, My friend that already was using HitroTech's services, highly recommends that if I really wanna streamline my business at Next Level then I have to use HitroTech.I used them and find more than my expectations. Happy with all the services they provide. Always Recommended

Weslay Cornell

Genarel customer